Women Socio-economic empowerment

Increasing the economic power of the low-power groups, so that they more nearly equal the power of the high-power groups is our specialty. The indigents have innate ability to determine the factors and processes that influence their lives provided their attitudes and mindsets change. However, the choices they make day after another coupled with resource restraints hardly elevate them from pauperism hence living in denial, perennial poverty and generational misery.

 Developing the individual and community financial wellbeing is no little thing, in fact it’s difficult but possible if people’s mindset toward resource accumulation, and sustainability is enhanced. Through enterprises in agriculture, petty trading and craftmanship, Relief Partners Uganda traps ultra-poor people in an atmosphere that propels innovation, an environment in which by choice, they re-discover themselves and what they are best at. They fully engage and participate in all cycles of activities, so they are not passive but active actors in the struggles to alleviate themselves.

Who we empower:

  • Village Women.

Why the village woman?

Women are benevolent but unilateral creatures; if a woman is elevated, supporting and facilitating others’ control over their lives is obvious. They are cited severally trying to enhance other people’s ability to feel competent and take action, a spirit embedded in their naturalness.

This spirit however is not wholly embraced and sustained considering their low socio-economic position. Painful to mention, women empowerment is a reality in a selected scope of Uganda and specifically in urban and formal settings. To a village woman, the term is still on paper mildly meandering its way trickling down to villages. Ugandan villages being, multi-lingual, multi-racial and multi-religious, women face one or other kinds of problem here and there that impede them from exhausting their potential resulting into vulnerability and stunted economic growth.

Studies however discovered that empowering a village woman is not only imperative but also crucial for all-round development of a household, community, society and the nation as a whole. “An empowered woman is an empowered community” is a saying whose value will not diminish even if carried to subsequent decades.