Climate and Natural Resource Governance

The connection between the effects of climate change and human wellbeing is blindly obvious, human activities have no doubt been the primary contributors to climate change and depletion of natural resources. Man has severally suffered the devastating effects of climate change; Painfully though, the poorest communities which bear the fattest share of the devastating effects, contribute the least to climate change.

At village levels, human activities like agriculture, open dumping, plastic use and disposal, deforestation, water pollution, charcoal burning, encroachment on wetlands, over grazing, destruction of natural forests, lumbering, settlement, among others cannot be underestimated for contributing to changing wind directions, humidity, temperature changes and change in rainfall patterns.  Relief Partners Uganda intervenes to overcome the increase in effects of climate change resulting from the poor man’s ignorance, negligence and opportunism.

Accordingly, Relief Partners Uganda does the following;

  • Afforestation,
  • Re-afforestation,
  • Restoration of indigenous trees
  • Restoration of fruit trees.
  • Promotion of renewable energy,