Ours is not a nostalgic story; It was all a dream………….it started in 2017.
Two lifetime friends and graduates (Joseph and Andrew) came together to
unite both in spirit and ideology, with nothing material but cunning and
enthusiastic spirits to build better lives in communities so as to relief rural
people from generational ultrapoverty cycles. In so doing we, became
RELIEF PARTNERS (In thought back then) and still together in action
until today.

What we fight is what our families went through, we work for sustainable and lasting change, we’re not interested in quick fixes. We’re building up
people and their communities in tandem, we are building stainless steel-strong bridges that move people out of vulnerability, proneness, misery, suffering, hopelessness and all injustices using appropriate/practical approaches. We work together with other groups and local people so that change sticks around far longer than just generations. Nothing we do relies solely on us, we help people to lead lives, not just living but doing what totally changes lives, we’re helping them to realize their potential and in turn enabling their communities to flourish.

We’ve been busy since inception, we have been involved in all kinds of projects and activities funded by proceeds from our savings and wellwishers, and donors. From setting up savings and loans groups for women to supporting children through school, training farmers in modern agriculture, to group and individual talks to alter their thinking, perception and way of doing things and you know what? we have tangible results. The need for sustainable development and real transformation is the reasonwe keep moving. We could not sit, we could not fold our hands and watch our people continue to derail,A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of hands and poverty will attack you like a thief in thenight. For as long as we can, we will do more, we will do as much as we can, with as many people and partners as we can. With you, above the sky is the limit.

It’s about sowing seeds of self-reliance, sufficiency and sustainability